Denver wood bike | functional. environmental. art.

A wooden bike made in Denver, Colorado.  This Connor Cycles wood bike has Ash wood handlebars and frame.   Sustainable American hardwoods are used throughout this bike in all its wooden parts. Locally made and individually sculpted in Denver, CO. 

Is it art, is it a bike?  Well, it’s both.  It makes a fully functional rideable bicycle out of sculpted wood. Each part is hand fit and shaped giving it that unmistakable look that only hand craftsmanship delivers.  Each one is totally unique and made to be enjoyed not just by looking at but by taking with you out into the world. You have to experience the ride to believe it.

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wooden bike made in denver by connor cycles

One thought on “Denver wood bike | functional. environmental. art.

  1. It is an unique thought making bike with wood.I like it very much because it is an art and beneficial for environment..

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