You haven’t really ridden a plush ride until you’ve been on wood.

A great ride quality and a beautiful look

Connor Wood Bicycles builds bikes with pure simplicity, elegance and minimalist construction in mind. They are fast, fun, great looking and have a ride like nothing else on the planet.

The frames are made from American white ash and black walnut.  Both are sustainable American hardwoods. The ash is an established tool wood – meaning that it has been used for hundreds of years in tools; things that take abuse and stay together.    Each frame is hand sculpted and shaped to be a unique work of  functional art.  Visually, they’re unmistakable.  They’re also strong and about the weight of a bike made from conventional materials.

Wood is great for smoothing out a ride because, like a wood handled hammer or ax, the wood naturally absorbs many of the impacts and vibrations making a ride which is unmistakably different from aluminum, steel or other materials. It has big 29er wheels and fat tires which, working with the wood, deliver a ride unlike anything out there.

The frames strong and reasonably light.  I  hollow select areas of the frame for weight savings. For strength, I use solid joinery and advanced construction methods. In the rear triangle and handlebars, I cut the wood into thin plies and steam bend them. Then, I laminate them back together with aircraft grade epoxy and Kevlar strips in between.   I also sandwich the steerer tube with Kevlar to ensure bulletproof strength. Kevlar is great because it adds strength and safeguards against ultimate failure and works with the positive qualities of wood.  Kevlar bends but it doesn’t break easily.

They’re finished with marine spar varnish. This finish moves with the wood and is meant to be used outside and exposed to the elements. They’re well protected with a finish which, if treated well, will keep them beautiful and last for years to come.

Each of my bikes are made to order and take about three months from start to finish to build. I have different sizes and am always exploring new ways to make them better and tailor them to what my riders want.  You can get them in single speed, fixie, multi-gear internal hubs, carbon belt drive and even in mountain bike form.  You have to ride one to believe it.


Gravel Bike

shown in white Ash
upgraded wheels
1x drive train