Connor wood bicycles frames are guaranteed to be free from defects in their materials or craftsmanship and in the event of any problems will be repaired or replaced for Three Years* following purchase. Here’s how to order one.

I take great care in the construction of each of my bicycles and will always try to repair a damaged frame.  If the problem makes the frame dangerous to ride it will be repaired, free of charge, and returned in a timely manner.  Cosmetic repairs will be fixed and all attempts to hide the defect will be taken.

Your bicycle frame is made from wood and should be treated well and inspected regularly.  The finish is durable but will weather with time, especially if left outdoors or not cleaned after riding. Avoid keeping it wet or in constant exposure to direct sunlight.   Wood moves with changes in humidity and temperature.  Over time the wood will darken in color and you will see changes in the joints where the wood has been put together. Small lines may appear in the finish and small checks in the wood may become evident. This is normal.

These things said, the finish is of the highest quality and identical to those used on the wood trim of the best wooden boats.  It is durable and  will endure beautifully for years to come if treated well. The structural joints are done with the best adhesives available. My epoxies are also used in aerospace and marine applications where their strength is critical and the cost of failure unacceptable.  These bicycles are built to endure.

*For international orders costs for return shipping on warranty repairs will be split between client and Connor Wood Bicycles.