Connor Wood Bicycles builds wood bicycles that beautifully combine form and function. Chris is a longtime Denver woodworker and cycling enthusiast, and building wood bicycles came as a stunning realization that he could bring the two together. After years of experience building classical guitars and designing and building modern furniture, Chris has a love and respect for the beauty, strength, and durability of wood. Connor Wood Bicycles uses a unique combination of sustainably harvested American White Ash, Black Walnut and curved composite laminations throughout its bikes.

Each Connor Wood Bicycle is painstakingly manufactured by hand in Denver. The bikes require the utmost of precision and craftsmanship to make them strong, durable and beautiful works of rolling art. Using old-world hand tools, coupled with modern computer controlled routing manufacturing, the bikes are precisely made to be technically flawless and fine woodworking at its best. Each frame is made from over 30 different pieces of wood precisely fitted together and bonded with aerospace adhesives and composite reinforcements. Hand sanding and multiple coats of marine spar varnish protect them from the elements and showcase the beauty of the wood. Over 40 hours of labor goes into each one and if you look closely at them you’ll see how all that attention to detail pays off.

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Connor Wood Bicycles come in four basic configurations, each available in many sizes, and can be customized in many ways. Select from the images below for more information.

Woody Cruiser Woody Cruiser
This bike embodies simple, pure fun in the most unique way possible on two wheels. It’s just wood, leather and rubber with coaster brakes, fat tires and a proper riding position. More…
Woody Scorcher Woody Scorcher
The ultimate townie ride. Equipped with disc brakes, a belt-drive and an 8-speed internal gear hub it is perfect for commuting city streets or cruising on dirt roads. More…
Woody Mountain
Race tested durability, lightweight and gorgeous, this 11-speed mountain bike can do what you ask it to. Its simple drivetrain gives the range to tackle any cross country riding, and the plush shock makes for an amazing ride. More…
cx_side Axehandle CX
This versatile drop-handled bike is built for all road riding whether it’s touring, commuting, gravel or CX. More…
Special Project Bikes
slugger_small Louisville Slugger Bat Bike
Connor Wood Bicycles paired with Louisville Slugger to produce a wood bike made from Slugger’s ash wood baseball bat billets. The bike was installed at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, in downtown Louisville as an interactive display at the museum. Visitors to the museum will be able to see the bike, spin the cranks and hear the familiar sound of a baseball card flapping in the spokes.More…
DSCF3952 (1024x683) e Woody
It’s wood, it’s electric! Technically sophisticated but functionally simple, this bike gives 50miles of electrically assisted riding range and an elegant rack to take your things with you. Great for commuting, around town, or just for fun. More…
Connor DURT Bike Woody Mountain
The D.U.R.T. (Denver Urban Reclaimed Tree) Bike brings together form and function like nothing else. Raced in the Leadville Trail 100, this rugged bike has shown that wood is more than capable of being ridden hard while looking beautiful. More…

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