Written after the first week of test riding the DURT Bike

Quoted from Robert Brudenell

I rode the bike up a super steep dirt road in Ken Caryl Valley,  which hits over 20% grade in places.   The belt drive is awesome, and the gearing perfect. In fact it’s lower than any of my other bikes which allows me to spin more and muscle fatigue less.  The geometry is almost perfect and I have been toying with the seat a lot to get it dialed in.  I think I got the seat almost perfect, a few more tweaks and it will be.

After that I rode down a rocky technical descent called Lost Canyon, the bike handled great and the wheels are stiff and roll smooth and easily.  The DT Swiss shock is stiff and responsive and takes the little bumps well and the big hits out nicely.  The wheels rode so super smooth, and the rear hub makes this great sound when freewheeling.

Chris, I am blown away by the bike, truly.  It’s not just about riding a piece of art, it is more like riding something that outperforms not only expectations but industry standards.  It’s a bike in which the function precedes the form and the form compliments and enhances the function.    I think you nailed it.



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