Here’s an overview of the process for finding, customizing and ordering your Connor Wood Bicycle. Of course you can always start by Contacting me

Step 1

Look at the different models we have. Think about what style or riding you’d like to do and which bike fits your style. Each of the models come in several sizes and can always be made custom to fit you.

Step 2

Look at ways to customize your bike and truly make it yours. I have standard builds but each bike is built to order so it’s easy to add those details which you really want.

Step 3

Get ready to place your order. Contact me an we’ll work through this process together. Bikes take about 8-10 weeks to build and can be shipped worldwide.

I’m always happy to talk bikes, hear ideas, or answer questions. If you’re interested in talking more about what I do or how I do it, shoot me an email or give me a call.

Chris Connor
phone: 720.369.9881