Bauhaus, a Swedish home improvement store, is supporting the country’s maker movement with an emphasis on craftsmanship.  ProLounge Film Production has been working with Bauhaus to create a series of short films, commercials and print collateral showcasing Peter Stormare (The Big Lebowski, Fargo and many others) and created a story line featuring wood bicycles. His real life friend, Eric Roberts also starred in this production.

Connor Wood Bicycles was asked to help in this production by creating a sample frame for the actors to interact with as well as a pair of bicycles for them to ride. In addition, Chris Connor worked on set with the crew to facilitate the process and see that the bikes and building went smoothly.

Working with Connor Wood Bicycles not only gave us the perfect bikes to shoot in the film we were working on, but also a huge amount of help in making it. Thanks to Chris Connor’s dedication to the project and passion for details we were able to create the film just as we had imagined it. Thank you, Chris!

ProLounge Film Production.

The basic story is that Peter and Eric meet up out at Eric’s desert garage workshop where the old friends create things of beauty.  They bring wood and tools and under Eric’s direction together build a pair of wood bicycles.  Later the friends take their creations out into the world and happily ride around on them celebrating their accomplishments.

Here are a few shots from the production.